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Fraud prevention FAQ and examples
Fraud prevention FAQ and examples

Safello works tirelessly to prevent fraudsters from succeeding. Read more about how Safello works with fraud prevention here.

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I just got scammed, what should I do?
What is Safello doing to prevent fraud?
Do you have any tips to spot a fraud?
Is Safello working with the authorities?
How do I stay safe online?
Finansinspektionen's warning list
Someone told me that they have a partnership with Safello or are working for Safello. Can I believe them?
If you have been a victim of a fraud that is not listed at Safello
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing, Pyramid and Ponzi schemes
You are being offered support in trading, recovering money or investment support by a third-party company or an individual
Phishing, smishing and vishing - authorization fraud through social manipulation
You are contacted by a person who claims to work for or with Safello, who offer you help with recovering lost funds
You are buying a product, a service, a subscription or technology online
Romance frauds
Apartment rental fraud
Ransomware frauds
Betting frauds
False job advertisements
You are being asked to pay freight costs via PayPal
Fake Safello pages
You are offered to pay for a driver's license or other documentation with cryptocurrency, based on information that seems to come from the Swedish Transport Agency or another authority
You are being offered to buy in-game gold or items in World of Warcraft
You are buying or selling a product on Facebook Marketplace / via Messenger
You are buying a product on Blocket
You are buying a product on Instagram
Someone who pretends to represent a trusted party (for example a bank, a credit company, an electric company, a pharmacy, Klarna or IKEA) contacts you and claims that orders have been made in your name or that you are entitled to get money back.
Beware of Fraudulent Calls Impersonating Safello