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You are buying a product, a service, a subscription or technology online
You are buying a product, a service, a subscription or technology online
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First reported: 2020-01-03

Fraud Description:

This type of fraud includes offers for products, services, subscriptions, or technology online, where the seller or provider asks for payment through a cryptocurrency transaction.

The person or website promises to deliver the purchases after the payment is completed. In some cases, you even get an order confirmation but when the fraudsters have received the funds, they stop responding, or you are told that you have to pay additional fees. However, the item or service is not delivered or your subscription is not activated.

Examples of services and goods that have been reported to Safello, in the context of this type of fraud, are:

Safello AB is not a payment service provider and using Safello's platform to pay for goods, technology, or services online, legal or illegal, may result in your account being frozen.

Fraudsters can even claim that they work together with Safello, which is never true, as Safello has no such corporations.

How to prevent this type of fraud:

Never buy products or services where the seller asks for payment using cryptocurrency and promises to deliver your order only after the payment is completed.

When buying cryptocurrency, always transfer the funds directly to your own wallet, which you control, and make sure that you are the only person that has access to the private key to the wallet.

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