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First reported: 09/27/19 

Fraud description:

This fraud involves a person selling in-game items or game currency/gold in an online game and requesting payment in cryptocurrency using Safello’s widget. This fraud method is primarily used in World of Warcraft.

 When you show interest in purchasing the items or the gold that is advertised, the dialogue is moved to a private Discord chat and the person requests payment in digital currency to their own wallet address for cryptocurrencies.

In the next step in this fraud, the fraudster controls your money and when you send the order reference as a receipt for the payment, the person usually stops responding. The Discord messages are deleted and the victim is blocked.

How to prevent this type of fraud from occurring:

  • Never buy products from an unknown and untrusted source.

  • Never use Safello to transfer funds directly to a wallet address that you yourself do not control.

  • Take extra precautions whenever the seller requests the payment to be completed with an irreversible cryptocurrency transaction.

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