Illegal IPTV and TV streaming services
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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV and it’s a convenient way of delivering TV content compared to traditional cable services. Although many platforms are offering this type of streaming in a perfectly legal manner (like Netflix, SVT Play, C More etc.), there are vast amounts of services that offer movies, tv shows and programs without the license to distribute that content. Despite the wide availability of IPTV, both buying and providing from unlicensed providers breaches copyright law.

Following the recent court case* in Sweden, IPTV providers without a contract with the copyright holder are breaking the law. In order to get paid for their services, such providers are recommending users to exchange SEK, DKK or NOK into cryptocurrencies with exchanges like Safello. The IPTV providers usually provide users with a step-by-step process to visit a cryptocurrency exchange, choose an amount to pay to a particular cryptocurrency wallet. In case you have encountered such recommendation, keep in mind that your Bank-ID (or another verification method) and the cryptocurrency wallet to which you are sending the funding to, is often being flagged by blockchain analysis tools and may be reported to law enforcement agencies.

Moreover, by using IPTV services from providers without a licence to distribute that content, you effectively also don’t have the right to access the material. Therefore, without paying the license to the company that owns that legal right, you run into the risk of being reported to law enforcement authorities yourself.

According to the Copyright Act, anyone who unlawfully infringes on the work of others can be sentenced to fines or imprisonment, which can be combined with damages to the company for, among others, lost of profits. Moreover, illegal IPTV and TV streaming services are often a part of a bigger crime or terrorist organization and by using their services, you possibly support their activities. You also run into risks of losing money, identity fraud or data leaks.

Safello’s team is taking down any links to our platform from IPTV providers to keep you safe. In case you have discovered any information about Safello or its services on a website connected to IPTV please send our team the name of the domain anonymously using the chatbox below.

*) Reference: Swedish courts, Stockholm district court, patent and market court case number B 16838-17. You can request a copy of the public verdict from

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