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How do I send a specific amount?
How do I send a specific amount?
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When you want to send a specific amount in cryptocurrency, it is important to take into account that the exchange rate fluctuates as well as the exchange fee for buy orders and the withdrawal fee for sending the cryptocurrency to the receiving wallet address.

  • The first step is to read the information regarding Safello's fees in the article "What are Safello's fees?" Exchange fees for buy orders and withdrawal fees are stated there.

  • Then register a buy order for the amount you have calculated you want to trade for. It is important that you have calculated and added the exchange fee and withdrawal fee to the amount you want to purchase for, because the fees are deducted from the amount you specify that you want to purchase for/send from your Safello wallet.

  • When your buy order is completed, you can register a withdrawal for the crypto you wish to send to the receiving wallet address. Instructions for withdrawal can be found here.

Example. "I want to send SEK 1,000 in BTC"

(In this example, we assume that the customer has a 5% exchange fee and wants to send BTC.)

Exchange fee for buy orders, 5% of SEK 1,000 = SEK 50.

Withdrawal fee 0.00025 BTC (this fee depends on what the rate of BTC is at the time)

Buy for SEK 1,000 + the exchange fee + the withdrawal fee

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