Before placing a buy or sell order you always see the fee. You see the fee as well an estimation of how much cryptocurrency is going to be sent to you. Our price includes all the banking, forex and operating fees, so there are no other fees or added costs you need to worry about. 


We have the following fees when buying on our app or logged in

Minimum fee on all transactions: 35 SEK

Premium*: 2%

Business*: 2%

Subscription: 3 %
Bankgiro: 4%
SEPA: 4%

Swish: 5%

Selling: 3%

*If you invest more than 100K SEK. This includes buying (Subscription, Bankgiro, SEPA, and swish) and selling.

Please contact our support team to find out more about Safello Premium and Safello Business.

We have the following fees when buying on our widget:

Minimum fee on all transactions: 35 SEK

Swish: 5%

Powered by Safello:

Before you make a purchase with a partner, you will see the total fee. Partners can set their own fees and they may vary from those on Safello.

Bitcoin transaction fees: 

Fees for transferring Bitcoin to your wallet address are not included in our fee price. They are listed separately on your receipt.

Administration fees: 

Administration fees apply for wrong payment information and refunds.

The fee is 50 SEK for handling such requests.

Please make sure that all information, which you provide, is accurate when you are placing a sell BTC order. All sell orders below the minimum allowed amount (500 SEK at the moment of placing the order) will be deemed invalid and not processed due to wrong payment information. We are neither able to process, nor refund sell orders below the limit. If you send us crypto below the minimum allowed amount, there will be an administration fee applied which covers your whole BTC transfer amount.

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