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Why is my account frozen?
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There are different possible reasons for the freezing of your Safello account. Below we list some of the most common reasons why an account has been frozen.

  • Inactivity, that is, if your account has been inactive for a long time. It can also be due to outdated customer knowledge (e.g. KYC, etc.)

  • You have paid for illegal IPTV services or you have used Safello's platform for direct payment for products or goods, more information can be found here.

  • You have sent to a platform/service that Safello does not support, more information can be found here.

  • You have sent cryptocurrency to a Darknet address or you are trying to send money to Darknet market.

Some of these activities are a violation of Safello's Terms of Service. There are also other possible reasons why your account has been deactivated.

If you believe that your account has been frozen by mistake, please contact Safello support.

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