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How do I increase my buy-limit?
How do I increase my buy-limit?
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At Safello, there are restrictions on how much cryptocurrency you can buy per week. You can always see how much you have left to buy if you log in here and check your account on the left of the menu.

After carrying out your 5th Transaction, you will need to fill out a questionnaire (which can be found via -> Account -> KYC) where Safello can learn more about your preferences and gather more information about you so that we can be compliant with our anti-money laundering obligations, and in order for us to keep providing our Services to you smoothly. We appreciate your cooperation in the process.

Safello has the following levels: 

Level 1: SEK 6000 / week
Level 2: SEK 25000 / week
Level 3: 140 000/ new buy limit based on documentation

If you want to increase your purchase limit: 

You are at level 1 and want to get to level 2:
Once you have made your first purchase, you will automatically be upgraded to Level 2 after one week.

You are at level 2 and want to get up to level 3:
You just need to fill out our form on expanded customer knowledge. Log in to their account, click on your account and then KYC to fill in the information.

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