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You are buying a product on Blocket
You are buying a product on Blocket
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Fraud description:

This fraud involves someone interested in purchasing your item on Blocket. After deciding on a price, the fraudster claims that he is having problems with making a swish payment to you and asks you to increase your swish limit. The mobile bank ID request is sent by the fraudster as he already made an assumption which bank you use and is trying to log in to your bank account. In the next steps the fraudster might do some transactions using his/her access to your online banking or asks you for refunds to his/her company or a refund using Safello’s services as he/she might claim to work at the company.

How to prevent this kind of fraud from happening:

You do not need to increase your Swish limit in order to receive payments.

Always contact the company to verify personal data of an individual who claims to be the owner/employee of before approving any transaction

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