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Betting frauds
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First reported: 2021-07-07

Fraud description:

A scammer that you encounter online - often via social media such as Instagram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram - offers insider information and promises gambling profits in exchange for payment in cryptocurrency.

Safello is not a payment service and besides breaching our Terms of Service, you risk committing a crime if you follow the scammer’s instructions as paying for insider information is a type of online gaming fraud.

How to prevent this type of fraud:

Always contact the police in case of a fraud attempt and please consider leaving a tip for The Swedish Gambling Authority which you can do if you suspect that a gambling company is not complying with current regulations, or that its name is being misused in a fraudulent context.

When you buy cryptocurrency, always place the funds directly in your own wallet address, which you control yourself, and make sure that you are the only person who has access to the private key to the wallet.

Have you made an order through Safello because you have been contacted in this way?

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