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Apartment rental fraud

You are offered an apartment to rent on an advertisement market, such as in a Facebook group, on Facebook Marketplace or on

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Fraud description:

This fraud involves an advertisement where someone is offering you an apartment to rent.

The fraudster will ask you questions to find out which bank you use, and to approve something such as a credit control with mobile BankID.

This approval provides access to your bank account, because the fraudster has already pre-filled your personal number on the online banking page.

How to prevent this kind of fraud from happening:

  1. Never approve a transaction with your Mobile Bank ID by request from a person who posted the apartment ad.

  2. You have the possibility of downloading your own credit control if you use the service of the Swedish company UC-koncernen, and from most others.
    (For more information click here.)
    Safello will never ask you to provide a credit control!

  3. Always contact the company to verify the personal data of an individual who claims to be the owner / employee of a company, before approving any transaction.

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