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How do I stay safe online?
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Safello works tirelessly to prevent fraud and you can read more about this in our fraud prevention article collection, upon interest.

The Safello team also gets asked general questions about how our user base can stay safe online. We are not security advisors, but of course, we want to help. Therefore, we have here collected a number of useful links from several trustworthy sources.

Disclaimer: Please note that the source material collected in this article is provided by Swedish authorities and that you may have to change language settings on the respective linked web pages.

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Have you fallen victim to any suspicious activity? Always report fraud and fraud attempts to the police.

1. MSB (The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) offers several useful guides.

Advice for Swedish consumers can be found on

2. Do not try to fool me!

Educational movies (in Swedish) about fraud against the elderly:


Tips and recommendations to prevent fraud in public environments, in people’s homes, and for if someone tries to trick you into providing them with sensitive information, or sell a product or a service to you.

Watch "Försök inte lura mig" on UR Play

The police, in collaboration with UR Samtiden, has recorded a series of conversations based on the training "Försök inte lura mig!". There you will meet crime victims who share their experiences of romance and investment fraud, home fraud, and telephone fraud. The purpose is to strengthen the elderly's ability to resist fraud and reduce the feeling of shame for the victim.

3. Do not let yourself be fooled again

Newscast from Finansinspektionen (Sweden’s Financial Conduct Authority), dated 2021-01-11:

Have you fallen victim to an investment scam? Then there is a risk that you will be scammed again. Fraudsters can get in touch again with new investment offers or fake help offers to get back lost money. It can happen close to the first fraud or several years later. The caller can claim to work for an authority or a bank and claim to have knowledge of the previous fraud. The telephone number of an authority can even be displayed on the screen of the telephone, for example Finansinspektionen's switchboard number. In order for you to get help, the fraudster requires you to pay a fee and often you have to decide at once. The fraudster may also request your login details, or try to get you to use your BankID to log in to your bank.

Please read more and watch Finansinspektionen’s movies for consumer protection, via the following URL:

"Where there is money, there are fraudsters. Do not let yourself be fooled. Think critically and educate yourself. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is"

- Finansinspektionen

The links in this article were accessed on: February 1st, 2021

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