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What is Safello doing to prevent fraud?
What is Safello doing to prevent fraud?
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In the digital world, fraud and dishonest activities are increasingly common, and the crypto market is unfortunately no exception. We at Safello are dedicated to protecting our users from being exposed to fraud.

In this article, we will discuss various ways we actively work to prevent and fight fraud.

Knowledge is key: To prevent fraud, our users must be well-informed. We provide information in our scam collection that includes advice on how to avoid common scams and how to properly protect your cryptocurrency holdings.

Monitoring and Analysis: We use advanced tools and techniques to monitor activities on our platform. This includes analyzing transactions and user behaviour to identify potential irregularities in real-time.

Strong authentication methods: To increase security, we require users to use strong authentication methods such as BankID to ensure and protect access to the profile. This makes it much more difficult for unauthorized persons to gain access to the account.

Cooperation with authorities: We actively cooperate with authorities and other industry players to exchange information about fraud and potential threats. This helps us to be proactive and take action before problems escalate.

User support and reporting: We offer a simple and fast reporting process for users who suspect fraud. Our support team is available to help users deal with such situations.

At Safello, we are committed to making the crypto world safer for our users. Using a combination of education, technology and collaboration, we work hard to prevent and combat fraud. Together we can create a safer crypto environment for everyone.

Contact us: If you have additional questions about crypto security or suspect fraud, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

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