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I just got scammed, what should I do?
I just got scammed, what should I do?
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Contact us: First of all, contact us via, this so that we can secure your account as quickly as possible. Please provide information and details about what happened and any other information you can provide us.

Secure your account: Secure your account by contacting your bank that issues your BankID for further assistance in protecting your sensitive information such as BankID , bank accounts, etc. Review activity on your accounts to identify any unauthorized transactions or changes and notify your bank.

Report to the police: Contact the police to file a police report, call or submit a police report online or visit your local police station. It is important that you always report any form of fraud to the police. Even if your money is already lost, it helps the police prevent future fraud. Unreported fraud skews police statistics, which means law enforcement may receive less funding to prevent fraud. Information from the police website

Educate yourself: Take the opportunity to educate yourself about common fraud methods and best practices for security in the crypto world, so you have information on how to best protect yourself going forward. Be careful about sharing personal information or sending cryptocurrencies to strangers/outsiders.

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