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What can I do to use the services safely?
What can I do to use the services safely?
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We do everything we can to maintain the safety of our services by educating our staff, clamping down on illegal behaviour, and striving to use the best available technical solutions, but in order to mitigate the risk of fraud, unauthorized use of accounts, and other hostile behaviour against our customers, it is important that you as a customer use the services and your account in a safe way to mitigate exposure linked to consumer behaviour. Here is what you should do to mitigate security risks on your end:

  • Treat your access credentials, i.e. your BankID, as confidential and do not disclose this information to any third party.

  • Only use our services on your own behalf, for your own benefit, and at your own will. Beware of organizations or individuals calling themselves third-party service providers that might offer to be your trader or advisor or even request access to your computer to perform transactions on your behalf - Safello has not sanctioned any third party to offer such services.

  • Only use Safello’s customer support in relation to the services and your account, you should never accept support from any third party. Third parties could impersonate Safello’s support personnel, and customers shall therefore only use Safello’s customer service which you can reach here.

  • Only use the services through the channels provided by Safello, being our mobile app and our website.

To prevent known fraud methods from occurring again, Safello has compiled a list of such in this FAQ collection. Please follow this link for information on how you can stay safe online.

If you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or wallet, you should immediately notify us. In case you become aware of or suspect any security breach caused by you or anyone else, please notify us at

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