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I don't remember which wallet I have been using - What can I do now?
I don't remember which wallet I have been using - What can I do now?
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If you know that you previously received or stored cryptocurrency in another wallet outside of Safello, or if you forgot which wallet you previously used, here are some measures or tips that you can use.

  • The first step might be to look through your emails for transaction confirmations or instructions on how you created or restored the wallet. You can find useful hints and information about the wallet in your email history.

  • In the link below, you can scroll down and see if you recognize any of the wallet providers mentioned.

  • An option could also be to go through old computers, mobile phones and other devices that you may have used to handle cryptocurrencies. Sometimes the wallet may be stored locally on a device that you no longer use.

  • Search through old documents on your computer to see if you may have written down the back-up key needed to recreate your wallet. It can also be good to search among old documents and papers for more information.

  • If you can't find your old wallet using the previous tips, consider contacting the customer support of the crypto services you used, if you know which one. They can give you guidance and help to find your wallet

Safello unfortunately cannot help you access your external wallet if you have forgotten your login details.

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