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How do I sell crypto from my Safello wallet?
How do I sell crypto from my Safello wallet?
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If you have cryptocurrency in your Safello wallet that you wish to exchange to SEK you can follow these steps:

1. Login at

2. Press ''Handla'' in the menu and click on the tab "Sälj"

4. Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to sell

5. Enter the amount that you wish to sell

6. Choose payout method, Swish or Bank transfer

7. Press ''Nästa''

8. Confirm the sale

When you have completed these steps, we will exchange your cryptocurrency for Swedish kronor.​

If you have chosen the payment method Swish, the amount will be paid out within 1 bankday. If you choose bank transfer to your bank account, the payment usually takes about 1-2 banking days.

How long a payout takes can vary depending on the payout method you chose and, for example, what time of day the payout is initiated.

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