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How do I pay for an order through Bankgiro?
How do I pay for an order through Bankgiro?
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When you place an order with Safello and choose Bankgiro as your payment option, you need to manually transfer the money to Safello's bank account in order for your order to be exchanged.

After you have chosen bankgiro as a payment method and then clicked on pay through Bankgiro, the information needed to make the payment from your bank to Safellos Bankgiro account is shown:

  • Account holder's name (Safello AB)

  • Amount

  • Bankgiro-number

  • Message

If you do not complete this step, we will not be able to process the order to your wallet because we have not received your payment.

Payments made with Bankgiro usually take 1-2 banking days before they reach us. Safello will exchange your order as soon as we receive your payment to the current price at the time.

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