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How do I increase my buy limit?
How do I increase my buy limit?
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At Safello, there are limits on how much cryptocurrency you can buy before we will need to request documentation to decide if your buy limit can be increased.

You can always see how much you have left to buy if you log in via the app or website under the "Account" tab, you will see your buy limit there.

Currently, all customers can purchase for up to SEK 140,000 on their Safello account, and after that, there are two options to be able to increase the buy limit.

  • You are welcome to follow the instructions below to see if your limit can be raised automatically.

  1. Log in to, or go via the app under the tab "Account" --> "Bank account"

  2. ‘’Connect bank account’’

We recommend that you choose the account where you receive your salary or a savings account so that Safello can analyse your transactions and increase the limit.

  • Should your purchase limit still not be raised automatically, you are also very welcome to contact our support via and we can manually review your documentation to raise your purchase limit further.

Please note that as a new customer, you have a withdrawal limit of SEK 6,000 that applies to transactions to external addresses during your first week as a customer with us, even though you can shop for SEK 140,000. You can read more about this here.

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