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Can I cancel my buy or sell order?
Can I cancel my buy or sell order?
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Safello strives to process and execute your transactions as quickly as possible, if your buy or sell order has been exchanged and executed, unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel or revoke the order or transaction.

If you executed a buy order that you regret, you can register a sell order yourself and exchange your cryptocurrency back to SEK, if you executed a sell order that you regret, you can execute a new buy order.

Should there be any type of technical error or malfunction or if your order or transaction is stopped or canceled for any other reason, Safello's customer service will contact you and the order may be refunded to your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet. With regard to purchase orders, we may need information as a basis that proves that the bank account to which you want to receive the money belongs to you.

In addition to technical errors or operational disruptions, an order may be flagged and stopped for manual review in accordance with our mandatory regulatory compliance processes. You can read more about this here.

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