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How do I buy crypto through Capital insurance?
How do I buy crypto through Capital insurance?
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Safello and Hubins have teamed up to allow the purchase of real cryptocurrency in a traditional capital insurance. The capital insurance is distributed by Hubins and the cryptocurrency you buy and sell through Hubins is stored with Safello, which provides liquidity for trading and storage in Safello's Wallet.

The ability to invest in cryptocurrencies through capital insurance can be compared to exchange-traded products with cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset. However, real cryptocurrency assets within capital insurance have reduced counterparty risk and increased transparency, in comparison to for example certificates, but the same tax benefits are achieved.

Keeping cryptocurrency assets within capital insurance means that capital gains tax is not paid, only the applicable ¨Schablonskatt¨, and it is possible to choose a beneficiary who automatically inherits the assets if the insured person dies. The cryptocurrency assets within the capital insurance are stored within Safello's storage solution built on world-leading technology from Fireblocks. Hubins customers can easily access their holdings using BankID from the Hubins platform and maintain control over the assets.

To purchase cryptocurrencies through capital insurance, you need to create an account with Hubins.

If you have questions about how the capital insurance at Hubins works, we recommend that you read more on their website or contact their customer service if you have specific questions about their platform.

What are the main differences between purchasing cryptocurrencies through capital insurance and purchasing on Safello's platform to your Safello wallet?

If you trade cryptocurrency directly on Safello's platform, you have the option to send your funds to a wallet address outside your Safello wallet, this is currently not possible when purchasing cryptocurrency through capital insurance.

Another difference is the taxation of your holdings. If you choose to trade directly on Safello's platform, you need to declare your transactions to the tax authorities and pay a capital gains tax on the profits you have made through your buy and sell transactions.

Holdings in a capital insurance policy are taxed according to current tax rules with a ¨Schablonskatt¨ on your total holdings regardless of whether you have made a profit or loss. This is automatically calculated when you hold funds in a capital insurance and you as a private individual do not need to manually add this to your declaration.

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