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How long does it take to process my transaction?
How long does it take to process my transaction?
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Your transaction will be completed after we have processed and executed your order and we strive to do this as soon as possible. However, as a part of our mandatory compliance procedures, orders can become flagged and subject to manual review in which case an order can be delayed or stopped.

When purchasing cryptocurrencies, paid with Direct and card, your cryptocurrencies will be received instantly in your Safello Wallet. If you make a withdrawal from your Safello wallet, it takes an average of 30 minutes before Safello sends your crypto. Once we have sent your crypto it can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours before you see them in your external wallet, depending on the current congestion on the blockchain.

Depending on the level of activity, meaning how much is verified, transaction times and fees vary accordingly, for that reason it is not possible to say exactly when a withdrawal goes through. We also ensure that the transaction/withdrawal fee is as low as possible for you by collecting a certain number of transactions which are then verified every half hour.

You usually see the transaction after two confirmations. Most modern wallets allow you to see the transaction in real-time after Safello has sent the cryptocurrency to the wallet address you have registered.

When selling cryptocurrencies, your payout will take place with a bank transfer to your bank account, the payout usually takes about 1-2 bank days. This depends on your bank and for example at what time of the day the payment is initiated. If you want to check the status of your order, follow this link and enter your order number.

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