Safello strives to process and execute your transactions as soon as possible and unless there is a technical delay or disruption of service, we will place exchange transactions for exchange with our third-party service providers shortly after the order has been received by Safello. This implies that Safello is not able to cancel a transaction unless there has been such a delay, in which case our customer service will reach out to you and the transaction may be refunded to your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet (as applicable depending on whether it is a buy- or sell transaction).

Other than in case of technical delays or disruption of service, an order can be flagged and stopped for manual review in accordance with our mandatory compliance procedures, which you can read more about here.

Information on refunds in respect of sell-orders can be found here. In respect of buy-orders, we may request information that supports that the bank account you wish to receive your refund to is your own.

Transfers of cryptocurrencies to or from your Safello Wallet are irrevocable after placing the order with Safello. Safello is not able to cancel such transactions since transfers of cryptocurrencies are processed and registered on a blockchain and are by their nature irrevocable.

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