First reported: 2020-12-13

Fraud description:

You see an offer that seems to come from a traffic school or the Swedish Transport Agency on social media, where you are offered a driver's license without the requirement for a degree or an approved theory test if you pay a certain amount of money to the specified wallet address or addresses for cryptocurrency.

The Swedish Transport Agency warns of fraud and attempted fraud in its name at

The offer is false, as such authorization is never issued without approved driving and theory tests in Sweden, regardless of driving license class, and Safello is not a payment service.

Neither can you pay for ID documentation, vaccination certificates or other official documents in Sweden.

How to prevent this type of fraud:

Always report fraud and attempted fraud to the police.

Never put financial means in a cryptocurrency wallet that is not personally controlled by you, and make sure that you are the only one who has access to its private key.

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