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You are being contacted regarding the Coronavirus
You are being contacted regarding the Coronavirus
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Fraud description: Someone calls or writes to you, offering one of the following products or services:

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

  • The individual is insinuating that you are infected with a virus and is offering you a medicine.

  • A donation to help to fight with the virus.

  • A donation to support victims of the virus.

  • A test that will be sent to your home, after you paid in the funds.

  • Any other product or service connected with the pandemic.

The scammer is asking for payment in cryptocurrency or requesting that you log in to your mobile BankID to identify yourself to receive help or information.

How to prevent this kind of fraud from happening:

  • Never log in to your mobile BankID on somebody else’s request. If you do, pay close attention while logging in regarding which entity you are logging in to while typing in your password. 

  • If you receive an unexpected or suspicious call from a person or entity that you know, hang up the phone and call them back on a number that you are sure belongs to the right person, company or institution.

  • Never assume that a caller is honest and legitimate because they have access to personal information about you. Fraudsters can find basic information about almost anyone online.

  • Do not give anyone information from your payment card or your password to your online bank; Neither Safello nor your bank would call you and request this information.

  • Banks, private companies or authorities would never call you and demand that you identify yourself through your mobile BankID.

  • If you have been the victim of this type of scam, vishing, phishing or any other fraud, contact your bank and the police.

  • Notify our customer service immediately via chat or an e-mail to

Does the Corona crisis affect

No, the Corona crisis has not affected Safello or its operations. 

Safello’s services are fully operational and supported, and the Safello team is taking responsible measures by mostly working remotely. Our opening hours are not affected. You can buy cryptocurrency through Safello as usual and we are happy to assist you.

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