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Fraud description:

This fraud involves someone interested in purchasing your item on Facebook Marketplace. After deciding on a price, the fraudster claims that he/she is having problems with making a swish payment to you and asks you to increase your swish limit. The mobile bank ID request is sent by the fraudster as he/she has already assumed which bank you use and is trying to log in to your bank account.

In the next steps the fraudster might do some transactions using his/her access to your online banking or asks you for refunds to his/her company or a refund using Safello’s services as he/she might claim to work at the company.

Safello always generates a warning text message to the phone number registered with Swish.

How to prevent this kind of fraud from happening:

Always contact the company to verify personal data of an individual who claims to be the owner/employee, before approving any transaction.

Safello AB is not a payment service provider and using our platform to pay for any services or products (legal or illegal) is a breach of our Terms & Conditions.

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