Safello’s customers have the right to change their decision without providing a reason, in case their order has been already paid but still not executed, and to ask for their funds to be returned. To request a refund, please contact Safello’s support here

Refunds are not possible for fully executed cryptocurrency-Fiat/Fiat-cryptocurrency exchange transactions.

Please note that, in sell orders cases, the value at the moment of refunding may be different from what it was when the order was initiated and paid due to value fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. Your cryptocurrency is exchanged into Fiat at the moment in which our system has received them. In case you desire a refund of your sell order in cryptocurrencies, depending on the exchange rate, the funds have to be exchanged from Fiat back to the particular cryptocurrency of the order. Such a delay can result in either gains (in case the value of Fiat will increase in comparison to cryptocurrency) or losses (in case the value of Fiat will decrease in comparison to the cryptocurrency). For the refund process, Safello does not apply a second exchange commission from crypto to Fiat. 

To prevent prohibited conduct, all payments and information related to the refund request might be a subject for verification by Safello.

An administration fee of 50 SEK applies in cases of wrong payment information and refund requests.

To receive more details concerning a SEPA refund process, please contact Safello support.

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